Our Hotel

If you ever come to this part of the world, then, you should visit our resort. We will offer you the best accommodation for the lowest price possible. Our main goal is for you to be happy and satisfied. A satisfied customer is our best customer. You will see that our resort has the best options you can find. We have a lot of sports activities and many other things. Most of our guests were concerned about water. The questions were always related to purification of water. It seems that our customers would also like to have the best and purest water there is. And that is exactly what we offer. Our water in our hotel is sanitary checked and healthy for consummation.

You may think that it is just a regular tap water but bear in mind that we have some of the most expensive and the best filters that exist. To give you the best and healthiest water, we use filters and membranes that are from the best brands in the world. Our membranes and filters are all made with high-quality materials and will give you the best water you can find in our region. Our hotel service is here for you at any time of day and night and if you have any problems, fell free to call our room service or our manager. It is very important to us that your stay in our hotel would be the best experience you have ever seen and felt. We are surrounded by many wonderful things, and our hotel is always in the center of main events. You will always receive the latest news, and you will always be in touch with everyone. Our hotel is equipped with different hotspots, which means that WIFI is accessible anywhere in the hotel.

Our guests

If you ask yourself, what are the experiences of other people, you can be assured that we receive only the best and positive reviews. Feedback is very important for us, and that is why will ask you to leave feedback or tell us when you are staying at our hotel, what are the things that you like and what are the things that you don’t like. Our employees will take care of that. Every suggestion is very important to us so it would mean to us if you could give us even just a hint of what was your experience with our hotel. We will try to do our best and provide the best vacation you have ever seen in your life.


Our hotel is equipped with everything that is needed for a good and joyful vacation, and you will be very pleased with our services. Once again, if you are concerned about the water, we can assure you that our water is pure and healthy and it is good for drinking. The water filters and membranes that we use are states of the art filters, and you will be completely safe.